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Social Responsibility & Empowerment

Since 1998 Brandfin Trade has steadily grown to be one of the largest employers in our sector.

This was however not enough for the management of Brandfin Trade. 

The project was set in place to proactively provide access to the economy for the previously disadvantaged.


The Siza intombi trust met all the criteria and shared a common vision that was to assist Black females to become more active in this economy.Brandfin Trade wanted to give back and tick the boxes with regards to social responsibility therefore the Siza Intombi trust is now a 51% shareholder in Brandfin Trade.

The trust has the sole purpose to use 100% of its revenue to improve Black ladies under the age of 35.

The methods of improvement include anything that helps grant access to the economy EG: Education, Travelling, Business tools and Stationary.

By doing this we feel that we are participating strongly in the countries improvement and doing way more than the existing BBBEEE system demands.


Intelligent CCTV Surveillance

Hand picked CCTV products are integrated with other peripheral hardware and analytics to ensure a comprehensive yet tailored system to meet all customers needs.

Complex Risk Assessments

Thorough risk assessments are performed at each site we manage. The assessment allows us to ensure the efficiency of our offering through better knowledge of your business. New eyes close the gaps!

Onsite Monitoring

Highly trained staff join the risk team to give the customer a 24/7/365 view of the organisation. Tailored reports to management help keep an eye on the entire SHERQ function as well as productivity and security. The evidence all customers need.

Enhanced Video Wall Solutions

Tailor made video walls give flexibility of implementation on hanging structures, walls, pillars or moveable bases. Configurations from a single screen up to 6x6 displays form the face of some of the most state of the art features. The features include a scalable number of inputs that can be displayed in many different configurations on the wall. The longevity of the screens is maximised by the utilisation of displays rated for 24/7/365 operation with zero burn in.

Access Control

Cutting edge systems take us to a new level of control over staff, visitors, contractors and suppliers. Gone are the days of bogus information being provided at access points. Welcome to a new world of verified information at your finger tips. On your phone, access cloud or server.

Fibre & Networking

The implementation of networks of all sizes can be undertaken by our highly certified network team. From architecture through to terminations and final testing. We encompass civils, fibre backbones, carrier grade wireless and internal networks. The following certifications guarantee our efficiency. Krone, Cisco Certified and Certified Fibre Optic Technicians.



Established 1998 Brandfin Trade began its pursuit of excellence in the IT sector. Success was instant and it was apparent and necessary to diversify our offering to include more meaningful market sectors. With our country toiling under the pressure posed by higher levels of crime, Brandfin decided to use its knowledge to reinvent the security sector. Research began into products not yet found in South Africa and after a short while Brandfin began implementing IP based solutions at corporate companies. The quiver of solutions fast matured and saw Brandfin reach the pinnacle of the market.


Brandfin is now proudly the installer of some of the largest surveillance and security projects in South Africa. Including Corporates, Municipalites and Government installations.

Well armed with a National Clearance Certificate Brandfin remains the company of choice for critical solutions. 



Pictures above of one of our most accomplished projects. ICC Durban required a stand out video wall to welcome guests and customers alike. Using an existing mount from a previous installation we meticulously design, constructed and installed and Aluminium structure to hold the 16 LG video wall displays. Along with the server attached to the rear of the structure the customer has the option of 4 inputs, being marketing, concerts or other live events that can be easily displayed. 16x 55" Video Wall panels were used for this build which shows a crisp clear 1080P image!







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